About Bob

cropped-dad-pic.jpgBob Williams is a retired minister living in Lebanon, Oregon.  He has pastored churches in California, Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, the state of Washington and Oregon.

He attended Warner Pacific College and is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University and Northwest Schools where he studied radio and television broadcasting.  At KGRL radio in Bend, Oregon, he served in a variety of capacities and was in charge of writing and editing the commercials.  His radio name was “Bachelor Butte Bob.”

He served in the United States Army from 1961-1963 as a chaplain’s assistant in Darmstadt, Germany.  He was also president of Darmstadt Youth for Christ and did many service club and chapel and church piano concerts.

He was the writer, producer and director for a radio broadcast entitled, “A Better Way,” in Southern California and was for many years the voice of “Moment of Inspiration,” heard on five radio stations in the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to his writing and speaking talents, he is an accomplished musician.  He was pianist and announcer for “Crusade for Christ,” an international radio program with Dr. Bob Hudson.  He was also the original pianist for a ladies’ trio on the Spanish version of “The Christian Brotherhood Hour,” and was pianist for a musical group, “The Singing Servants,” heard weekly in the early seventies on the English “Christian Brotherhood Hour” broadcast.

He collaborated with Chris Ferwalt in writing and co-producing a musical drama entitled, “Fulfill Ye My Joy,” with text taken from Philippians 1 and the first two verses of the second chapter.

He has served as pianist for camp meetings, conventions, churches and radio broadcasts and accompanied a wide variety of recording groups.

Mr. Williams is also lately deafened from service-connected injury.  By the mid-1990s, his hearing was gone.  In 1999, he received his first cochlear implant and in 2009 the second one from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

He is a member of the Hearing Loss Association of America and served on the state board for a number of years.  He was the state chapter coordinator from 2001-2003 and also served as a member of the advisory board for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Access Program for the state of Oregon.

He has been a contributing writer to publications such as “Daily Devotions for the Deaf,” “Northwest Cochlear Implant News,” “Hear It Is,” the state newsletter for the Hearing Loss Association of Oregon, and numerous articles on music and the cochlear implant for a variety of publications.

Mr. Williams is an accomplished pianist and provides pre-conference music at seasonal one-day conferences for Oregon Christian Writers.

The Perils and Parables of Pastor Preechet is his first venture into fiction writing.

He can be reached at robertiw@comcast.net.

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